How do I verify my account?

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Personal verification


Your personal verification will be completed through a video chat with IDnow. To do this, you need:

a computer with a webcam or

a smartphone which can install the IDnow app, as well as

your ID and a mobile phone.


Handy tips:


- Make sure you have a good internet connection, which is unlikely to be interrupted

- Make sure you are in a well-lit space. Dark rooms with spotlights make it difficult to read your ID


To check your verification status, or to start the verification:


- Go to your profile and click on "Identity Verification". If you see the text "Verification completed", then you are already done – congratulations!

- Please click on the IDnow button to receive your code for the video session, and then simply follow the instructions on the screen.

- After the video chat, please wait until you are redirected to your account: do not close the window too early. You will then have to confirm that your address is correct to complete your identity verification.

IDnow supports a number of European national IDcards. If your IDcard is not supported by IDnow, we will require a valid passport to complete identity verification.


Driver’s licenses are <strong>not an approved</strong> form of ID!


Company verification


In addition to your personal verification, we will ask for:


- Company registration number

- VAT number (only if you are VAT registered)

- Registry extract from the Companies House

- Power of Attorney (if you don’t have sole rights to sign for the company)


In order to verify your business, you will have to submit the relevant information related to your company activities. As a regulated financial institution, we also need a copy of your company’s registry extract. Please upload this information when prompted to do so.


The registry extract is a document that you have received from companies house. Lost it? You should be able to find it here if you search for your company:


For verifying your company, we will need to know your VAT number (e.g. GB999 999973 – the number you get from HMRC when registering your company).

If you do not have the right to sign for the company alone, we ask for a Power Of Attorney.

For more information, see here:

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