Do I need an accountant or is the Holvi bookkeeping tool enough?

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The Holvi account includes automated financial reports and receipt management free of charge, but won’t necessarily replace your accountant or tax advisor. If you file your taxes yourself/do your own accounts, however, we think our tools can make your life easier!

 You can get the following reports from Holvi, capped by date:

  • Account statement
  • Service fee receipt
  • Income statement
  • Invoicing report (List of invoices and invoice status)
  • Ledger (Events separated in income and expense categories, VAT separated)
  • Journal (Events in chronological order, VAT separated)
  • VAT report

Bookkeeping in Holvi is built using income and expense categories. It is a good idea to create these categories together with your bookkeeper so that the relevant categories are already in place during the first transactions. The income and expense categories form the base for the financial reports in Holvi.

It is often a good idea to invite your accountant to access the account. This way they can log in and fetch receipts and reports as needed. Another possibility is to upload reports, receipts and invoices to your Dropbox account from the Holvi exports app, from which your accountant can then access the files as well.

Purchases made with the Holvi Business Mastercard trigger real-time notifications through the Holvi mobile application. This way you can take a picture of the purchase receipt, which is automatically saved on the account.

Users in France: Currently, our bookkeeping and accounting categorisation tool is not compliant with FEC requirements however, we are working on a solution. If you want to know more you can reach out to us at

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