How do I verify my company?

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Basically, we just need a copy of your company registration document.

(The registry extract is a document that you have received from your local chamber of commerce and it contains your company information).

Please upload it when asked under your profile.


If your business has more than one owner or partner, you will need to submit a “Power of Attorney”. This document gives you the permission to act on behalf of your company. If you are the sole owner of the company, you do not need this.

Don’t worry! If you forget something or if we need extra info, we will be back in contact to help you through the process.

Please note! When signing up, we ask you for information about your business activities. All business activities related to the companies registered at Holvi  are evaluated and must fit within our Acceptable Use Policy -– please find more info about this here: AUP  

For security reasons we kindly ask you to upload all documents under your Holvi profile:

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