What do I need to open a Holvi account?

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In order to open a Holvi account, you need to verify both yourself and your business. This is quite a straightforward process and shouldn't take too long.

To verify yourself, you need your passport or National ID card.

How does it work?

  • Your personal verification will be completed through a video chat with IDnow. To do this, you need a computer with a webcam or a smartphone which can install the IDnow app, as well as your ID and mobile phone.

(IDnow supports a number of European national IDcards. If your IDcard is not supported by IDnow, unfortunately we will require a valid passport to complete identity verification).

Please note: you do not need to book a time with IDnow – just have your phone with a proper camera and ID at hand. You will be directed along the way, but it is good to note that you should be in a space with good lightning and internet coverage. Also, as you will get directions along the way, it is good if you can do the identification in a somewhat quiet space.  

  • To check your verification status or to start the verification, simply go to your profile and click on "Identity Verification". If you see the text "Verification completed", then you are already done – congratulations!
  • Otherwise, please click on the IDnow button to receive your code for the video session, and then simply follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After the video chat, please wait until you are redirected to your account – do not close the window too early. You will then have to confirm that your address is correct to complete your identity verification.

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