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Follow up on your sales in a coherent way with the Holvi inventory tool! 

Now you can follow up on your sales also outside of your Holvi online store. By using the inventory tool, you can now conveniently choose products/ services also when invoicing your customers and get an update on your stock balance directly in your Holvi Inventory section.

You can find the Inventory tool on the left hand side of your Holvi home view. By opening the Inventory tool, you will see the information of all the products/services you have in stock as well as the already sold products. You can add info about new products here and get the updates also to your online store products simultaneously.  

Benefits of using the inventory tool:

  • Save time and effort when you bill for your work by setting up what you sell in your inventory. Now you can choose the invoiced item directly from Holvi.
  • Services or items can be sold in your Holvi Online Store and the stock info will be updated in Holvi.
  • When invoicing you will be able to choose the products/ services easily. Please note that the stock should be updated manually, once you have received the payment and sold the product.
  • Reduce errors when billing by having all the info of your sold item/service in one place – you won’t need to type in details such as VAT, item price, budget category etc. more than once.
  • Sell service to online shoppers by publishing your items online and take advantage of the built in acquiring service part of your Holvi account.
  • Drive traffic to your products through linking the item checkout to SoMe ads or posts.
  • Bill your B2B customers directly from the built-in invoicing tool. You can choose from the same set of products that you once have set up and track the payments and pending income from the same account.
  • Updating item information is easier and saves you time and effort


You can setup the feature in any of your chosen pricing plan.


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