What do I need to open a Holvi account?

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To open your business account with Holvi, go to www.holvi.com and click on "Sign up" on the top. You will then be guided through the registration process - easy-peasy!

There are some important things to note:

  1. Your Email address: Please make sure to enter the correct address. You will then receive an automated email to this address, and have to verify it by clicking on the link contained in this email. If your email address is not verified, you will not be able to use your account. 
  2. Your identity: Every Holvi account is opened by a natural person who acts as representative of the business that they are opening the account for. That means that you will have to give your real name, your residential address, and complete personal verification in order to open the account. 
  3. Pricing plan: You will have to choose your pricing plan when opening the account, but you can change it again at any time if you change your mind. 
  4. Your business: Please have business information appropriate to your company type ready, in order to make sure your account can be verified quickly. 

Please note that you can have only one user profile in Holvi, but you can manage all your accounts within the same profile. it is possible to have several accounts for one or several companies under the same profile. 

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