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New from Holvi – get a complete overview of your finances in one convenient Home View.

The new Home view will help you to stay on top of your cash flow by showing your account's current balance. 

In addition the new Home View will also visualise the ongoing month's account balance in a graph. This will help you to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds in real time. With the new Home View, you’ll always know exactly how much money you have. You can also easily jump between previous months, by choosing the month you are interested in having a closer look.


Where to find the Holvi's new Home?

Please log into your Holvi account and choose Home that will take you to the new Home view. 

What does the new Home view show?

  • Current balance
  • A balance graph of your account balance 
  • Incoming and outgoing funds in real time 
  • Account details
    • Account name
    • Account owner
    • IBAN number with the possibility to copy the number 
    • BIC number with the possibility to copy the number
    • VAT Liability (Liable / Not liable)


If you need to check up specific inbound, outbound and scheduled payments, please choose Transactions. Here you can also find more filtered transactions such as pending, cancelled, uncategorised, transactions with missing attachments, card transactions and paid Holvi service fees. 

Paid, overdue and draft invoices can be found under Invoices. 

Online store orders are listed under Online store > Orders. 


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