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Now you can also receive e-invoices directly to your Holvi account! 

The much requested feature will soon be released for our Finnish customers. Now you can activate the e-invoicing receiving directly in your Holvi profile.

Please note that for using the feature you should have an active business ID. The feature is available in the following pricing plans: Grower, Complete ja Unlimited. 

The benefits of receiving e-invoices are:

  • The e-invoice will automatically land in your Holvi account. You will not need to worry about forgetting or losing your invoice in your mail inbox. You will just need to choose the account you have ordered the invoice to > the invoice information will be attached to the unverified payment that is created when the invoice is received in Holvi. > You will need to verify the payment as when making a payment from your Holvi account. The invoice will be set to be paid at the due date.
  • Less risk of errors. When you receive the invoice as an e-invoice you (or your accounting company) will not need to type in the payment information manually. This will lessen the risk of manual errors and will assure the invoice will be paid to the right receiver.
  • Added efficiency and security. The e-invoice will arrive directly to Holvi and you will be notified when it arrives – no third parties will be able to access your invoice. You can save both money and time, when you don’t have to worry about whether the invoice you are expecting is sent, and you will not need to pay extra costs for overdue invoices. The VAT amount will be pre-filled for you, so you will directly be able to see, how much VAT you can deduct (in case you are vat liable).
  • Preparing for the future and improving your company’s image. The e-invoicing is getting more and more popular in B2B, especially for bigger companies and the trend is growing. When enabling e-invoicing, also smaller companies and sole traders can be just as an attractive partner option as bigger players in the same field. 
  • You can direct e-invoices to your account also from bigger companies and from administrative instances such as Verohallinto, Posti, DNA, Telia. Please check Tieke's service for more details on companies who send e.invoice. 

How does the e-invoicing work?

You can activate the e-invoicing in your own Holvi profile. To enable the e-invoice receiving feature, go to your invoicing settings and click Activate e-invoice receiving.

After this you will see your e-invoice address and operator ID - you’ll need these to provide to invoicing companies.Please also remember to give the operator ID (003723327487) to your partners who need to send you an invoice!

After that you have made your request, you can also check your e-invoice details via going to invoices in your Holvi profile> Invoices > Invoice settings. After the activation you will see the e-invoice address of your company, which you can give to your invoicing partners. 

Our external operator for e-invoice receiving is Apix Messaging OY

How to pay an e-invoice?

You will get a notification from Holvi, when you have received an e-invoice. The notification will arrive in your registered email at Holvi and as a push notification in case you are using the Holvi mobile app.

You will find your received email under your Transactions list > Received e-invoices (here you can also see your received credit notes and e-invoices that have not yet been paid)When the e-invoice arrives, a new unverified payment will be generated in your Holvi account. You will find the invoice and payment’ details attached to the payment. You should verify the payment as any payment out from Holvi. 

When the payment has been verified, it will automatically be paid on the due date of the invoice. Please make sure to have enough balance on the account at that time. Once you have paid the invoice, the payment information will be shown under your Transactions.

How much does it cost?

The feature is available in the following pricing plans: Grower, Complete ja Unlimited. In case you need to update your pricing plan to enable the feature, you can do this in your account settings. 

Closing the service 

If you want to quit using Holvi's e-invoice receiving, you can disable the service via going to your invoicing settings. 

Once you have un-enabled the feature, the Holvi will inform our operator Apix, the change will be affective immediately. We do recommend you to inform your partners about the change, as  the update at Tieke's site (verkkolaskutus.fi) might take some time and your invoicing details with Holvi might still be visible for some time after closing the service.


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