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What do the new steps for authentication at Holvi mean for me?

The Holvi app will be connected to your Holvi profile with an SMS – Please make sure that your registered phone number at Holvi is up-to-date!

In practise you will need to follow the next steps for Strong Customer Authentication at Holvi: 

  1. Log in to Holvi as usual
  2. Install the Holvi app (if you have not yet)
  3.  Connect your Holvi account and app (please, follow the instructions on the app and complete the device verification with an SMS code)
  4.  You’re all set

Your Holvi app is now ready to be used to log in and verify payments! Next time you log in or make a payment, you’ll be prompted to open the app to verify.

I have already installed the a Holvi app – how do I start using it for accessing my account?

If you have installed the Holvi app, our application will offer you a chance to do your SCA via the Holvi app. We do advise you to update your app to the newest version of the Holvi app to access all possible features. After this you will just need to follow the instructions in your Holvi view and in your app when logging in and making payments from your account.

How do I download the Holvi app?

The Holvi App is free and available for both Android and iOS. 



In case you do not yet have a Holvi mobile app, you will need to verify your device via an SMS delivered to your primary phone number when adding the Holvi app to your phone. After this, simply follow the instructions in your Holvi view and app while logging in and making payments. 

After that you have connected your device to Holvi, the app will ask you to set up the facial recognition feature – Face ID (available on iPhones) or Fingerprint recognition (available on Android phones). In case you set these features up, you will always be able to deactivate them later on in your settings in case you prefer to use your PIN code instead. 

In case you are setting up the Holvi app as well as creating your Holvi profile for the first time, the app will ask you to go through your personal identity verification and in some cases also ask you to scan a picture of your passport. Please also remember to complete the company verification and add all required documents and scan them via the add documents upload function! 

I can’t install the Holvi app – what should I do?

The Holvi app is available both for iOS and Android phones – we recommend using the app as a primary method for SCA. In case you can not download the Holvi app, you should upload a time-based One-Time Password authenticator, e.g. Google Authenticator.

1) Log in to Holvi with your usual credentials.
2) You’ll be asked to select an authentication method. By clicking on “Can’t download the Holvi app”, you can move onto the next step.
3) You’ll see instructions on how to download and connect the Google Authenticator app to your Holvi account. This will be done by scanning a QR code or manually inserting a one time key code  to the app.
4) Your Authenticator app is now ready to be used to log in and verify payments!

Why do I need the Holvi app for accessing my account?

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I am stuck with the authentication – none of  the links above solved my problem

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