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Service description: Holvi EaaS


What is the service, and how do I get it?


The Service


The Service provides banking and accounting as one unified service. Service includes invoicing and payment services for managing daily payments and accounting services to handle statutory requirements.


What services the Holvi EaaS -service package include?


Invoicing and payment services

● Holvi Invoicing for sending invoices

● Holvi Online Store for selling goods and services online

● Business Current Account for collecting payments

● Holvi Business Mastercard for paying for business costs

● Holvi Online service for daily payment management

● Holvi Mobile Application for daily payment management and storing receipts

● Full Terms of Service for Holvi Payment Services here


Bookkeeping services

● Recording business transactions (income and expense) for bookkeeping in line with the Finnish Bookkeeping Act (30.12.1997/1336)

● Declaring taxes and returns for tax authorities

● Retaining source documents

● Supporting customer with accounting related questions


Who is it for?

The Service is a fit for legal entities under a single entry accounting scheme. Events are recorded on a payment basis, that is, on their payment days. The Service is intended for business activity with only one of the following exceeds the limits laid down by law:

● Net sales of less than 200 000 €

● Balance sheet total less than 100 000 €

● Employing an average of less than 3 people The service is not suitable for Ay, Ky, Oy company forms.


Signing up for the service

User can sign up for the service at http://about.holvi.com/fi/lp/uusi-yrittajapalvelu/


How do I use the service?


Providing materials for bookkeeping

The bookkeeping is based on source documents from invoicing and payment services provided by Holvi with Holvi Accounting Partners. The User is responsible for providing and receiving all materials electronically in two different ways:

● By using Holvi invoicing and payment services. The source documents (invoices sent and the payments received) will automatically be logged to bookkeeping.

● Other mandatory source documents user must send through messaging application provided by Holvi and Holvi Accounting Partner. Accounting Partner reviews the accounting information Customer provides to ensure correctness and help Customers with possible accounting issues.

Accounting Partner reviews the accounting information Customer provides to ensure correctness and help Customers with possible accounting issues.


Using Holvi invoicing and payments services

Holvi Customer can use Holvi Payment Services to invoice their customers. Funds received via invoicing will be directed to the business account provided by Holvi. Customer is able to use the account for paying business expenses online or via Holvi Mastercard attached to the account. Holvi online service provides dashboards combining financial data into a full 360-degree view of the Customer’s business.


What does it Cost?



*User can order the financial statements at a fixed price (negotiable) (Accounting Act, Section 1a of the Accounting Act.) **User can order payroll services at a fixed price (negotiable) *** User can transfer accounts during the fiscal year at a fixed price of 50 € / transferred month + VAT


How does Holvi support this service?

The Service includes chat support via a messaging application that allows Holvi Partner Accountants to communicate with Customers via the application. Chat Support is available on weekdays from 9 to 17. In addition customers can send us a support request here: research@holvi.com


How does Holvi provide this service?


Following events will be recorded to the bookkeeping service:

- Income

- Expenses


Bookkeeping events are extracted from Holvi invoicing and payment services:

- Invoicing service

- Online store

- Payments made on mobile and/or online service

- Payments made with Holvi Mastercard


Following events will be recorded to the bookkeeping service manually by Holvi Partner accountant:

- Interests

- Taxes withheld in advance

- Personal usage of goods or services


Customer is responsible for saving the source documents on bookkeeping events via Holvi mobile application or customer messaging platform. The Customer can also add and save source documents manually online.


Following events will not be recorder to the Bookkeeping Service:

- private withdrawals and deposits;

- outstanding taxes (withholdings and estimated taxes are less than the tax owed) and/or tax returns.


Following events are recorded once a year for the tax return, which are done in a manual fashion by Holvi Accounting Partner:

- raising money by borrowing and payments,

- changes in inventoried assets,

- depreciations,

- sales receivables,

- purchase payables and

- per diem payments


Tax declaration is finalised by Holvi Partner Accountants based on source documents and the financial information provided by the entrepreneur, and the supporting documents drawn up by the accountants. Tax declaration will be delivered automatically to the tax authority.


Source documents are filed into the bookkeeping service and in addition the documents will be delivered to the Customer by the end of the fiscal year for statutory 6/10 years of retention.



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