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Is your German UG or GmbH still in the founding phase? No problem! At Holvi we offer founder accounts to businesses with headquarters in Germany that have chosen UG or GmbH as their company form.

To open your founder account, follow this link.

Note: Unfortunately, we cannot offer founder accounts for Austrian companies.

In order to guarantee a carefree and smooth process, we kindly ask you to carefully read the information below. If you would like to open a founder account with Holvi, open your account through the link above and follow the instructions below to start the verification of your company. 

Before you can register for the Holvi founder account, we would like to give you some additional information about the founder account. In addition, we also need to review your business in accordance with our verification standards. 

You can already complete all three steps mentioned below. Our verification team will take care of your request as soon as possible after you have completed all steps.

Important information about the procedure of the founder account

The account can only be used after successful company verification (with the trade register extract). Before that:

  • The only payments that can be made from the account are payments which are directly related to the founding of the company (e.g. notary, district court)
  • Incoming payments (other than depositing the share capital) are not accepted
  • Your account will be terminated immediatelyif the IBAN is used for any other activities (e.g. incoming payments, direct debit,...)
  • You cannot order a Holvi Business Mastercard

1. Open your Holvi account and your company in three simple steps

  • Choose the the pricing plan of your choice for your founder account (you can always still change this later on at any time). You will not have to pay a monthly fee for the pricing plan Builder. If you choose the pricing plan Grower or Complete, you can use it without a monthly fee for 1 month by using the promo code HOLVIGRUENDER
  • If you don’t have a VAT ID yet, please do not tick the box for VAT Liability - this can be activated later, when you have received your VAT number.
  • Choose your correct Register Court and input register number 123456789 (or any other 9-digit fantasy number if this is already taken)

2. Personal Verification

During the account opening, you will be prompted to go through a video chat with ID-Now to verify your identity. Find more information here.

3. Founding documents UG and GmbH

In the next step, we need your founding documents, which you can easily upload into your account after account opening. After successful account creation, we will add the note "in founding" to your account and your company for the duration of the founding process.

Should we require further information regarding your company, we will contact you as soon as possible. Once your identity has been verified and we have reviewed your company and founding documents according to our verification standards, we will be pleased to provide you with your IBAN in order to transfer the share capital to your Holvi account.

We will contact you once the verification has been completed successfully and your IBAN for transferring the share capital has been activated. Please note that you should already complete steps 1-3 mentioned above so we can complete the process smoothly.

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