Fair Use Policy

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Holvi’s Fair Use Policy introduces a monthly limit for specific services or products. We chose the limits sensibly and based on feedback of our users. The fees that may incur when you exceed these limits are:

Service / Product Limitation Fees after Limits*
Number of Additional Holvi  Business accounts 100 active accounts per registered company per month 2.00€ per additional Pool
SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) Sending and/or receiving 500 transactions per month 0.25€ per additional transactions
SEPA SDD (Receiving) 500 transactions per month 0.25€ per additional transactions
Additional Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® 50 card per registered company -
Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® ATM usage (Cash withdrawals) 30 withdrawals per month 2,50% of the withdrawal amount
E-Invoicing 500 E-Invoices per month  0.50€ per additional E-Invoices.


*All prices, limits, fees or similar expressed in Euro (€) currency may also equally apply in Pounds Sterling (£) or any other currency. The applicable currency will depend on the registered country of the customer. 


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