About your IBAN, accepted payment types, cash payments and payment processing time

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1. My IBAN and BIC

All Holvi accounts have a standard IBAN account number. Here is an example: 

FI12 3456 7890 1234 56

The BIC code in all Holvi-bound payments should be HOLVFIHH

2. Accepted Payment Types

Payments within SEPA to Holvi

Currently Holvi only accepts payments in EUR currency from SEPA countries. Within the SEPA region, there are different ways of sending payments. Holvi supports the regular SEPA credit transfers (SCT), also called STEP2 payments. This means Holvi does not support SWIFT and instant payments.

In order to receive money to your Holvi account the payment needs to be sent as a regular SEPA credit transfer (STEP2 payment). If you haven’t received a payment, please ask the sender to get in touch with their bank to make sure that the payment has been sent as a STEP2 payment.

Payments from outside of SEPA to Holvi

All information about international payments can be found here.

3. SEPA Direct Debit 

Holvi supports SEPA Direct Debit Core, which lets you pay your bills conveniently via direct debit. Currently, we don't offer SDD Core in the other direction yet, so it is not possible for you to collect money from your customers via direct debit. Unfortunately we do not offer SDD B2B.

4. Payment Processing Time for Card Payments and Bank Transfers

Considering Holvi's payment traffic some payments types are immediate and some are only sent or received on banking days:  

 Payment method?

How long?

When processed?

Card payments


Every day 24/7

Giropay payments


Every day 24/7

Finnish bank buttons payments


Every day 24/7

EPS or SOFORT payments*


Every day 24/7

Receiving SEPA transfers

Up to 2 days after processing

Banking Days

Sending SEPA transfers

Up to 2 days after processing

Banking Days

Holvi-to-Holvi payments

Up to 3 days after processing

Banking Days

*SOFORT payments are enabled upon request. Please contact support@holvi.com.

Usual banking days are from Monday to Friday. The following dates are non banking days in Finland and no SEPA transfers are received or sent. All SEPA transfers will be received or sent on the next banking day.

Year 2018

1st January

30 March

02 April

01 May

25 December

26 December

5. Cut-off Time for SEPA Payments


Inbound Payments

The arrival of the payment depends on what time the payment was done and when the sending bank processes outbound payments (when the sending bank’s cutoff time is).

  • Example: You made a payment to Holvi on Monday night and the sending bank processes it the next day (Tuesday), the money arrives latest on Thursday.

If a payment was done during the weekend or outside of office hours, the sending bank will most likely process the payment the next day and the money will arrive to Holvi within two days after the payment has been processed.

  • Example: You made a payment to Holvi on Friday evening, and the sending bank processes it the next working day (Monday), the money arrives latest on Wednesday. 

Outbound payments

Holvi processes outbound payments every Monday to Friday (except public holidays) at
10.30am Helsinki time (UTC+02:00).

  • Example: If you make a payment from Holvi on Monday morning before 10.30am, the payment should arrive to the receiving bank latest in two banking days, so on Wednesday.

If the outgoing SEPA transfer is executed after that time, the payment is processed the next banking day (weekday).

  • Example: If you make a payment from Holvi on Monday morning after 10.30am, processing the payment is pushed until Tuesday and the money should arrive to the receiving bank latest in two banking days after its been processed, so on Thursday.

6. Instant top up - a secure and fast way to move money

Sometimes the need may arise to instantly add funds to your account. With Holvi, you can add money from another bank account you hold yourself to your Holvi account with a neat tool called Instant Top UpPlease note, that Instant top up funds can't be matched into sent invoices.

Holvi does not yet offer a tool for moving funds instantly from Holvi to another bank account, you will have to use a standard bank transfer.

How it works

1. Click on your account balance or on the HOME button to open your account settings

2. Click the Top up button. Define how much you want to move, give a description and continue to pick the payment method. You can move money with Instant top up from the following banks:


  • Handelsbanken
  • Nordea
  • S-Pankki
  • Aktia
  • Säästöpankki
  • Lähitapiola
  • Osuuspankki
  • Danske Bank

Austria/Germany local payment methods

  • SOFORT Banking*
  • eps Online-Überweisung
  • Giropay

Confirm the transaction with your online bank credentials and the money will arrive instantly to your Holvi account. 

Holvi charges a service fee based on your pricing plan for each Instant top up transaction. Please find the pricing information here .

*SOFORT payments are enabled upon request. Please contact support@holvi.com

7. Point-of-Sales (for example, SumUp)

Your Holvi IBAN account number is freely usable in all external services in case you need to move money between accounts. However a deeper, direct integration requires some technical work and unfortunately Holvi does not offer an API at the moment.

In a nutshell: Holvi is a payment account and you can move money in and out of the account as you wish. You can top up your PayPal account, Skrill account and others by transferring money from Holvi to them or you can gather income from card payments with for example SumUp and move the money into your Holvi account.

8. Can I Accept Grants to my Holvi Account?

You can give your direct Holvi account number to the entity that is giving you the grant. Once the payment is done, it will arrive as uncategorised and you can recategorise it by following these instructions

9. How Do I Transfer Cash to my Holvi Accounts?

Holvi does not support cash deposits. If you have cash income, you would need to deposit it into another bank account first (for example your personal account), and then transfer the sum to your Holvi account via SEPA Credit Transfer.  

If your business or activity uses mostly cash transactions, Holvi's online store and invoicing functions will provide you a great tool, but cash transactions won't show in your Holvi budget, so you will need to do the updates manually.

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