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1. What is an e-invoice?

The e-invoice is a invoicing standard in Europe and it is especially popular in Finland. In practical terms, it is an electronic invoice that is sent in code form to the recipient. Because the invoice is usually in XML-format, which can’t be understood by humans, the recipient needs to have the technical means to receive the invoice. Many traditional banks accept e-invoices and there are also 3rd party service providers for e-invoicing capabilities.

2. Receiving e-invoices in Holvi

At the moment you cannot receive e-invoices with Holvi. Currently, only sending e-invoices is supported.

3. Sending an e-invoice

In order to send an e-invoice, the recipient needs to have the setup in place to receive e-invoices and you need to know their e-invoicing address. Add the address when sending the invoice. E-invoice address is for example 003712345678. You don't need to add the operator. Otherwise, the process it the same as with regular invoices.

Email works as a fallback method. If for some reason the invoice cannot be sent successfully as an e-invoice, the invoice will still find its way to the receiver as an email if you fill in the e-mail information (not mandatory).

Please note that the recipient's name must not exceed 60 characters. Spaces are also considered as characters.


4. Who I can send invoices to?

With Holvi you can send e-invoices only to companies, not to private people. Make sure they have the technical means to receive e-invoices.

5. Tracking e-invoices

From the invoicing view you can see an overview of the payment situation of all your invoices. To make sure that the e-invoice has reached the recipient, you can also monitor the invoice’s journey by going to Invoicing >> select invoice >> History.

6. Help with e-invoicing issues

The quickest way to get assistance is from our top-notch customer support. Email: support@holvi.com.

We are using the external service provider Basware to send and deliver e-invoices. You can check out their terms and conditions here.

If you have any questions or are facing any issues, feel free to drop us a message to support@holvi.com. We are happy to hear any feedback regarding this relatively new feature.


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