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Starting from 1.1.2020 Holvi will no longer onboard customers via the e-Residency program

What does this mean for our existing customers?

Fortunately, nothing will change for you! The decision of not on boarding new e-residency customers will not affect your status as a Holvi customer in any way. Your account will remain unchanged, and nothing needs to be done from your side. Please know that we are committed to serving our customers in the best possible way, and this applies also to all e-residents who open Holvi accounts before 1.1.2020, at which times we will no longer accept customers via the e-Residency program.

Holvi began working with the e-Residency program in early 2017. The e-Residency program was looking for a partner to provide digital banking services to their customers all over the world, and we immediately fell in love with the idea. We were the first partner to provide online banking services for digital nomads and have since been serving thousands of e-residents around the world.

While we highly value the e-Residency program, providing services to customers outside of the EU was never part of our core strategy. The e-Residency program has established itself as a world famous and innovative program with several banking service providers on board. For that reason, we feel that now is a good time to focus on our core strategy – to make life easier for microbusinesses across Europe, to serve our customers and to become Europe’s Number 1 provider of entrepreneurship-as-a-service.

The e-Residency program

With e-Residency you can apply to join a new digital nation, powered by the Republic of Estonia, and register an EU company which can be managed anywhere online with an internet connection. With Holvi as your business current account, you don’t need to travel to Estonia in order to access business banking anymore.

You can find the current pricing module for Holvi for e-residents here.

With Holvi for e-residents, Holvi opened their service to a completely new market segment, which requires some investment in technology development, as well as support to ensure e-residents experience a smooth service.

The requirements

To sign up for Holvi for e-residents, you need to:

  • be an e-resident

  • have your company registered in Estonia
the company form needs to be an OÜ (limited company)
  • register as a Holvi customer before 1.1.2020

Register your company in Estonia electronically

If you are an e-resident but you have not registered your company in e-Estonia yet, you can contact one of our partners. Service providers 1OFFICE and Profia are able to help you out with the establishment of your company, and offer other useful services for e-residents. 

Currently we do not accept branches, so unfortunately we can not provide you our service even for a branch in Estonia if the company is registered somewhere else. 

Instant top up

The instant top up works only for those e-residents who have a Finnish internet bank, EPS or Giropay.

International payments

Holvi for e-residents is suitable for money transfer within the European region. Holvi only accepts SEPA payments (SEPA credit transfers) in EUR currency from SEPA countries. We recommend using for payments to and from Holvi in other currencies and payments from outside the SEPA area. More information on international payments with Holvi can be found here.

SMS push notifications

We've noticed that push notifications are not yet working for mobile numbers of the following countries: USA, Canada, India, China, Turkey. 

Legal documents

Click here for more information on Holvi's Terms of Service for e-residents!

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