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1. What Do We Offer?

Holvi offers a business current account, which includes digital receipt management, an invoicing tool including e-invoicing, a web store, and expense management, all in one digital account and accessible from anywhere in the world. 

The Holvi Business Mastercard® is available with the account depending on your chosen pricing plan. This is a prepaid card, which allows you to make card payments and withdraw cash from everywhere where Mastercard is accepted. 

There is no minimum term and no registration fee, so you can just register and use the account for as long and as much as you wish. 

2. In Which Countries Do We Offer Our Services?

Right now we offer services for companies with headquarters in the following countries: Germany, Finland, Austria and Estonia (through the e-Residency program). All information about the e-Residency program can be found here.

We have also now opened our service for companies registered in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands through our service in the Eurozone. Please note that at the moment we are offering customer service only in English for the above mentioned markets. 

Our verification processes are limited to the countries we provide our service in. However we are working hard on offering our services also in other countries.

3. Which Company Types/Structures Do We Support?

You can find more information about what company types we support here

Please find more specific information about the supported company types in your home market below: 

Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands

Please note! 

If you are planning to use Holvi for depositing the initial capital for a Finnish limited company, this is not yet possible in Holvi. For opening the account we will need the company's commercial extract which you get from the Finnish Trade Register after that the initial capital is paid. 

4. Pricing

All information about Holvi's pricing plans can be found here.

5. How to Contact Holvi Support

If you are a registered customer and need help with your account, please remember to always contact Holvi from your primary registered email address or phone number. For security reasons and to protect your account information, we will not be able to provide account specific support if you are calling or emailing us from an unknown or not registered number / address. You can contact us via this webform,  via an email sent to support@holvi.com or by calling our support number which you can find ot the bottom of this page. 

Holvi phone support hours: Monday-Friday 10-16 Finnish time (UTC +2, UTC +3).

Closed during public holidays.



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