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1. Introduction

In November 2017 Holvi released a new version of the Holvi mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The update introduces various usability updates for the mobile interface.

With this update we are redesigning many of the business management tools to be more easy to use on mobile devices.

The new application initially does not contain all of the functionality available in the web interface.
If the tool that you are looking for isn’t yet available, or you instead want to use the familiar interface, then please simply sign into Holvi with your browser of choice on your mobile device. Holvi works best with up to date versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you find yourself doing this often, then it could be a good idea to bookmark the login page (https://holvi.com/login).

2. How to download the application

The Holvi application is available via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) in Austria, Finland, and Germany. Downloading the application replaces the existing Holvi mobile application on your device.

We are working hard to make the application available for Estonian e-Resident customers as well!


3. Available features

The current version of the Holvi application contains the below business management tools and a streamlined onboarding flow for new customers.

Available features

  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Holvi Business Mastercard card management
  • Profile management


 4. Payments

The payments tool has been redesigned for mobile, and can now be accessed directly from within the account, or alternatively from within the my accounts -view.

An outbound payment consists of four steps:

  • Select payment amount


  • Select a recipient from the available contacts, or by searching by the recipient’s name. If a contact doesn’t exist, then you can easily create one from here. In case the contact shows the wrong account number, simply click the on the three dots to on the right-hand side of the screen


  • Edit the payment details if necessary, add a attachment or a payment message or reference number


  • Request and enter the verification code


5. Invoicing

The new invoice creation flow emphasises payment rows, and now easily allows you to add quantities to products or services.

In practice the flow is as follows:

  • Add or select a recipient


  • Enter the invoice recipient’s details, and e-invoicing address in case you wish to send an e-invoice



  • Enter details per invoice line item



  • Double-check the details and send the invoice


In case you need to match a payment to the invoice, or if you wish to credit part of the invoice, then options for these are easily found by selecting the open invoice.

6. Holvi Business Mastercard card management

Card management is now found on the upper right-hand corner of the mobile application
Swipe to switch card, and easily manage card settings on the go.



Under card management you can change the PIN code for a card by selecting “change/show PIN-code”. This is a entirely new feature!

To order a new card, simply select the + icon in the upper-right corner, and select the user from the view that opens up

7. Profile management

Your profile settings now sit under the cogwheel icon to the top-right of the my accounts -view.


Some of the settings are at the moment still selected from within the web interface. Therefore don’t be surprised if the app redirects you to the Holvi interface that you’ve grown used to!

8. Onboarding flow

The onboarding flow remains much the same, with a few usability tweaks here and there. For new Austrian and German customers we now also provide identity verification directly through the application.

9. Streamlined payments view

The Holvi application places more emphasis on the feed view by removing the separate navigation menu.


You can access a payment’s details as before, by selecting the payment item from within payments overview (feed). From here you can easily recategorise a payment, and also itemize a payment. This is an entirely new feature!


If you wish to add an attachment to a payment, then simply select the the attachment icon to the right of the payment item. Alternatively, attachments and attachment management is accessible from a payment’s details.

Please note that since the Bookkeeping section isn’t yet part of the app, bookkeeping categories are managed via the Holvi web interface.

10. Feedback

We’re happy to receive any feedback that you may have regarding the application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on


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