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By using Holvi's Exports tool you can easily export documents, receipts and attachments from Holvi straight to your Dropbox account. You can either export everything of all times or select individual account areas and dates.

1.Where to find the reports?

You will find the reports in your Holvi account by:
First choosing Reports
Here you will find three options: account statement, service fees receipt and Dropbox exports

2. Sharing your reports through Dropbox

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that is used for saving photos, docs, videos, files and for file sharing and collaboration.

You can link your Dropbox account to your Holvi account and export your documents, receipts and attachments to there. You can for example share your dropbox account with your accountant so that she/he can access your reports. You can also give account access rights to your bookkeeper, this way she/he can login and download reports as needed. Another possibility is to send, receipts and invoices to your bookkeeper by email.

You can read more about dropbox here www.dropbox.com and here https://www.dropbox.com/privacy.

How to find the Exports tool

  1. Choose the Reports & Exports tab on the bottom left
  2. Choose the year or a custom range
  3. Export to Dropbox 

The export will take a few minutes to complete. When it's done you will receive an email confirmation from Holvi.com that prompts you to move to your Dropbox folder to view the data.

In your Dropbox folder you will see the folder under Apps > Holvi > Account name. The file name will be the dates you picked when exporting the data.

3. What kind of reports does Holvi provide?

Holvi's built in Reports give you many handy tools that you can freely use as you like to.

Please remember that Holvi does not provide automated bookkeeping but you can freely use Holvi's reports to make bookkeeping an easier task!

Holvi provides reports in forms of:

Account statement: a time based list of every transaction (cash based), Freely customisable dates, Excel/PDF format

Holvi service fee receipt: what you have paid as Holvi's service fees (cash based). Freely customisable dates, PDF format
Under Bookkeeping reports you can find:

Income statement: Total incomes, expenses and their sum as Net Income (cash based). Freely customisable dates, Excel/PDF format

Budget report: a breakdown of your income and expense categories, what transactions they withhold and what are the realised amounts (cash based), Excel format
Invoicing (accrual and cash based): a continuous list of your invoices. Including the issue, due and payment dates and VAT. Freely customisable dates, Excel format

Accounting journal: A comprehensive chronological list of every transaction in your account. Including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (accrual/cash based). Freely customisable dates, Excel format

General Ledger: A breakdown of your income and expense categories and the transactions they contain. Including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (cash based). Freely customisable dates, Excel format’

VAT report (if your account is VAT liable): a list of transactions that include VAT organised by their VAT% (cash based). Freely customisable dates, Excel/PDF format

Order lists (and the answers to additional questions, if the product had them) can be accessed within the Online Store menu.

4. Make the most of your Holvi Dashboard

Holvi Dashboard is the first place you should look for when you want to have an overview of your account activity and how your finances have developed.

To access the Dashboard, click Home and then Dashboard in your account view.

The dashboard is formed out of 5 individual views that connect to their corresponding area within your Holvi account: Cashflow, Online Store, Payments Out, Invoicing and Expense Claims.

You can filter the Dashboard by time to get a better understanding of how your finances have developed and what ares might require some more attention.

If you have some areas that are empty, you haven't started using that feature of Holvi yet. For example if you haven't sent any expense claim links, the expense claims area in your dashboard will be empty.



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