Required documents for business verification

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1. Commercial registry extract

The commercial registry extract is a document issued by the commercial register confirming entry in this register. The commercial register contains information about the company, the registered office, the branch, the object of the company, the persons authorized to represent it and the legal form of the company, as well as the shared capital and the name of the business owner.

The two most common forms of the commercial registry extract are the “current” commercial register extract and the “chronological” extract. Depending on the length, the commercial registry extract may include several pages. All pages are required for verification.

2. Shareholder list / Shareholder agreement

Shareholder list:

A shareholder list is a list of all shareholders and their shares in a company. The list of shareholders is an appendix to the commercial register. The shareholder list must contain the following information about shareholders who are natural persons:

  • first and last name
  • date of birth
  • residence
  • nominal amount and serial numbers of the business shares
  • percentage of participation in the shared capital
  • if a shareholder holds several shares: indicate the total amount of the participation in the share capital as a separate percentage

If a shareholder is another company, additional information must be provided:

  • list of affiliated companies
  • status list
  • register court and registration number

Shareholder agreement:

When founding a company with several persons, a shareholder agreement is concluded between the partners. This is independent of the legal form of the company. The contract regulates the relationship between the individual shareholders and is a legally prescribed component in the formation of a company.

The shareholder agreement usually only applies if the shareholders cannot mutually agree. The shareholder agreement can have several pages and must be authorised by a notary. All sides of the authorised shareholder agreement are required for the verification.

3. Company Agreement

A social contract is a document that sets out the principles of the company and, for example, decision-making powers for special transactions, changes in capital or changes in shareholder structure. A company agreement has several pages and must be authorized by a notary. All pages of the company agreement, as well as signatures and the notary's authorisation must be present on the document.

4. Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that gives a person the power of representation for another person in legal transactions. In other words, if you are not the sole director of the company, you will also need a completed power of attorney confirming that legal transactions may be conducted on behalf of the company.

The forms can be found here:

Authorized representative = Person, which opens the Holvi account

5. VAT number and, if applicable, tax number

A VAT number (VAT ID or UID) is a number that identifies your company within the European Union for VAT purposes. The VAT identification number is required by every company that participates in the trade in goods and services between the Member States within the European Union. The VAT ID number in Germany starts with DE followed by 9 digits. The UID in Austria starts with AT followed by 9 characters, where the first character is always "U".

Example: DE999999999 or ATU99999999

The tax number is issued by the tax office to every taxable person or legal entity. The person is managed under this number at the tax office and is thus assigned to a taxpayer. The structure can differentiate depending on the county and country.

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